Eleventh annual e-Trademarks listserv reception

Here is a group photo of the event, provided by listserv member Doug Isenberg.  Click on the image to enlarge.

You will see 48 attendees in the photo, taken toward the end of the evening.  Over the course of the event, some eighty attendees visited.  Celebrity attendees included Debbie Roenning, director of the Madrid Legal Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization, David Gooder, Commissioner for Trademarks of the USPTO, and Derrick Brent, Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the USPTO.

When was the reeption?  Monday, May 20, 2024, 5 PM to 8 PM. 

How might I have found my way to the reception?  You might have seen this event locator display in the hotel.  

You would then have seen this display at the event room. 

Where?  Courtland Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 265 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303.   Google MapsHotel web site.  

Who should have attended?  This is a reception for the over one thousand members of the e-Trademarks listserv, and for their invited guests.  The e-Trademarks listserv is a professional community linked by an email discussion group (click for more info or to join).  We will be honored to have people from the Trademark Office at the USPTO, and to have people from the Madrid Protocol team and the Domain Name Dispute team from WIPO.

Many, and perhaps most, of the receptions that will take place in Atlanta during this time are (understandably) largely commercial in nature.  A typical reception is sponsored by a trademark firm or trademark service provider, and is (understandably) focused on strengthening the business relationship between the firm or provider and its customers.  This reception is intended to be strikingly different, with a focus on collegiality and professionalism among the members of the listserv community, and an emphasis on good relationships with Offices such as the USPTO and WIPO.

As members of the listserv community well know, there are many members of the listserv who are very generous, answering questions posed by listserv members, helping to solve problems faced by listserv members, and offering mentorship and support to newcomers to the trademark community.  This reception is a unique opportunity to meet and thank such generous people.

Who are your hosts?  Your hosts are:

The listserv community is remarkable in many ways.  Consider for example that some of our sponsors have asked to listed as "anonymous".  Consider, too, that several of our community members will for one reason or another not be able to attend the reception, but have nonetheless chosen to be among the sponsors listed above.

About the venue.  Opened in 1967 as the Regency Hyatt House, John C. Portman Jr.'s revolutionary 22-story atrium design for the hotel has influenced hotel design enormously in the years since. The hotel instantly became one of the most recognized buildings in Atlanta.  On top of the Hyatt Regency is a revolving restaurant called Polaris, located just beneath the blue dome-shaped structure which gives the hotel its distinctive profile. This was Portman's first designed revolving restaurant of many.  Wikipedia article.

What was to eat?

What was to drink?

What else was nice?

A poster listed topics and suggestions for improvement of WIPO's trademark processes and systems.  Attendees who wished to do so signed that poster during the reception.  A WIPO person received the signed poster and will bring it back to WIPO.

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